Monday, July 1, 2013

Blog Privacy

I quit blogging on my regular blog because I felt like too many people were reading it whom I didn't want reading it. My ex-husband, my father, and his insane wife, for starters. I'd said some deeply personal things on there that, in retrospect, could be taken out of context, or in my father and his crazy wife's case, used against me. So I shut it down. I'm now vacillating on how much I want to put on here. I know the chances of the crazy wife finding it are slim to none, and since my page views are in the single digits, no one is reading this, but I'm paranoid now.

Where do you draw the line, even when your blog is anonymous? Is there any such thing as internet privacy any more? Should I just assume that everyone who was reading my other blog may find this one?

The problem is, I love the outlet of writing and I don't want to have an entirely private blog because what's the point? I may as well talk to myself. More than I already do. I could talk to my cats, but they are singularly lacking in anything resembling empathy. Or the ability to talk back to me.

I have things I want to say and I don't want to let the fear of being found strangle my words.


  1. This is exactly why I mostly post photography related things now. Every single time I post something personal the first comment is from my MIL. It makes me crazy. I miss my anonymous days. :(

  2. Could you block her IP address or would that just cause drama?

    Or you could do like I did and start over completely.