Monday, August 19, 2013

Surfacing pt. 2

I'm feeling better. Like, not hanging on to the better by a thread thing, but honestly better. I don't know what switch was flipped in my brain, but it flipped and I'm very glad of it.

My primary care doctor gave me a prescription for Seroquel. I took it once, but it made me feel so groggy and lousy the next day that I haven't taken it again. I'm hanging on to it, just in case this better feeling doesn't last, but it's been a couple of days and I haven't felt like crying once, which I'm calling a result.

Depression is a weird beast. I don't enjoy it one little bit. I wish there was a way to cure this disease, instead of just medicating it, because the side effects from a lot of the medications are almost as unbearable as the depression itself.

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