Sunday, August 25, 2013


A week or so ago, I went to my GP about the unending depression and she gave me a prescription for Seroquel. I knew this was technically an anti-psychotic drug, generally used to treat bi-polar disorder, but I did a lot of research on it and it can be used, in small doses, as a side treatment of depression. The side effects listed were scary and on one site I found, called, it pretty much said you'd feel dead on your feet all the time.

I took one dose of 25 mg around 9 pm the first night and it didn't make me feel particularly tired that night, but the next day was a total fog. I felt like I was walking thru sludge all day long and like my brain was full of cotton wool. It was awful. I didn't take it again. I do have a call in to a psychiatric prescriber, so I'm hoping I can get something that won't make me feel like such a sloth. I can't be that exhausted all the time.

I was talking to a friend of mine, who is bi-polar, and she was telling me that she takes a really high dose of Seroquel before bed. She said the few times she's forgotten to take it, she wakes up the next morning feeling fantastic. She knows, however, that the tiredness is worth it in order to keep her manic phases at bay. 

Finally, there's a really good documentary about being bi-polar. If you struggle with this, or know anyone who does, I highly recommend it. It's hosted by Stephen Fry, who is bi-polar himself. I found it to be fascinating.  This is part 1.

And this is part 2.

Give it a watch.

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